The Texas Historian, the journal of the Junior Historians of Texas, is one of the few historical journals in the nation dedicated to publishing the work of secondary students. First issued in 1941 under the title Junior Historian, it was described by Walter Prescott Webb as “an experiment” founded on the belief that “Texas boys and girls are competent to collect the history, tradition, and lore of their separate communities and to write out the results of their investigations in a way worthy of publication.” This magazine contains the writings of Texas’s outstanding student historians and serves as the communication channel between the state office and the individual chapters. Each issue contains articles written by Junior Historians from all over the state and a chapter showcase that highlights news and events involving Junior Historian chapters and participants. Individual subscriptions cost $10.00 for students and $10.00 for nonstudents; club subscriptions (for five or more members of a Junior Historian chapter) cost $10.00.

The Texas Historian is published annually. Orders received from June 1 – October will be held until the new issue is published, typically in late October. Orders received from October – May 31 will be mailed the most current issue.

A limited number of back issues of the Texas Historian (September 1970-Forward) and Junior Historian (January 1941-May 1970) are available and the proceeds from their sale support the endowment fund for the Junior Historian Program.  Please email to find out more.